The Renewable Energy Approval (REA) process is a provincial permitting regime that applies rigorous standards to evaluate projects for environmental, social, cultural and archaeological impacts. Grand Renewable Wind’s REA documents are available below.



Grand Renewable Wind Facility Brochure

Public Meetings

Open House No 1 Boards

Open House No 2 Boards


REA Notices


REA Reports

Draft Project Description Report-Version 1, June 2010

Draft Project Description Report-Version 2, June 2010

Project Summary Report, October 2011

Project Summary Report, July 2011

Project Description Report, October 2011

Project Description Report, July 2011

Construction Plan Report, July 2011

Design and Operations Report, July 2011

Decommissioning Plan Report, July 2011

Wind Turbine Specifications Report, July 2011

Natural Heritage Assessment and Environmental Impact Study, July 2011

Comment Letter - Ministry of Natural Resources, June 2011

Water Assessment and Water Body Report-Addendum, June 2012

Noise Assessment Report-Revision 3, September 2013

Noise Assessment Report-Revision 2, February 2012


Archaeological and Cutural Heritage Reports 

Stage 2 Archaeological Assessment, July 2011

Interim Stage 2 Archaeological Assessment, February 2011

Comment Letter-MTC-Partial Stage 2, March 2011

Comment Letter-MTC-Complete Stage 2, September 2011

Protected Properties Assessment, April 2011

Heritage Impact Assessment, April 2011


REA Approval 

Renewable Energy Approval, June 2012


Leave to Construct Documents

Leave to Construct Application, February 2011

Leave to Construct Application Amendment, February 2011

Emergency Preparedness Plan, August 2013

Wind Turbine Layout, July 2012


Application for Electricity Generation License

Letter of Direction-Electricity Generation Licence, October 2012


Acoustic Audit